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  • Excellence, Endurance, Eternity.

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Welcome to Wollondilly Anglican College

Wollondilly Anglican College is one of 19 schools operated by Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation. It is a Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 co-educational College. Located in pleasant rural surroundings at Tahmoor, about 60 minutes from Sydney's CBD, it strives for educational excellence in a Christian context and includes modern, permanent, air-conditioned buildings.


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    It is an important question. We are only here for one lifetime. The world will pompously tell us that we don’t need God – we only need the world. But the world is formless, tactless, soul-less and worthless, without its Creator. We were created for better things than this. We were…

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HSC Results


Pleasing HSC Results 

College among the top schools in Campbelltown / Camden / Wollondilly LGAs 12 Band 6 Results from 46 students 6 Students on the “Distinguished Achievers Merit” List 

Congratulations to the Year 12 class of 2016 for their hard work and dedication in the achievement of commendable HSC results. The College community was thrilled to learn that 6 students were placed in the highest result band for at least one subject. All received honourable mention on the prestigious list of distinguished HSC achievers for 2016.

Distinguished Achievers Merit list for NSW – extract – 

Gabrielle Apps: Economics; Mathematics; Modern History; 
Stephen Burrett: Mathematics;
Alexandra Gaidzionis: English Extension; Personal Development, Health and Physical Education;
Grayce Keen: Ancient History; English Extension;
Rebekah Law: Design and Technology; Mathematics; Personal Development, Health and Physical Education;
Jonathan Vong: Visual Arts

Congratulations – Students with ATAR 90+
    Gabrielle Apps (Dux)    95.90
    Rebekah Law        94.60
Gabrielle has accepted a University placement to study Medical Biotechnology, Rebekah will commence a degree in Construction Project Management and Alexandra Gaidzionis (ATAR 89.45) has accepted a Dean’s Scholar position to study Arts at University of Wollongong.

Subjects to shine in 2016 included Business Studies; Physical Development, Health and Physical Education; Ancient History; English Extension; General Mathematics; History Extension; Visual Arts; Information Processes Technology and Geography. 

Of course, great results measured against external bench marks are important and worthy of celebration, but there were smiles all round from other students in Year 12 who gained results that represented stories of average academic track records being converted through the hard work of staff and their own endeavours into expanded career options. The smiles on the faces of each of these students are no less broad.





Wollondilly Anglican College Reaches New Academic Heights

The 2015 HSC results have been released and Wollondilly Anglican College has once again been listed in the prestigious top 200 schools in NSW/ACT. The College ranked 2 in the Campbelltown/Camden/Wollondilly Local Government Areas, with 29 Band 6 results from 41 students and 10 students listed on the Distinguished Achievers list.

Students at the College who achieved an ATAR over 90 included:

Laura FlemingDux 98.90
Samuel Gardiner   96.20
Jasmin Law  95.95
Samantha Vibert  93.50
Thomas Croucher   92.40


Other notable student achievements included Dayna Bruynius who ranked First in NSW for Early Childhood Studies and Samuel Harper who was nominated for the prestigious Encore - a showcase of outstanding performances from the HSC Music examinations.

College Headmaster, Dr Quarmby, said, “It is a remarkable achievement for a young comprehensive school and a real testament to the hard working students and staff who have worked together to create a positive learning culture where personal best is celebrated across a wide range of subject choices. We are even more thrilled with the character and drive of these young men and women and can ensure that the Shire is in good hands with these emerging leaders. There are many stories of students striving towards great achievements. For instance, Kye Madden and Ray Stone were both selected for the Australian Schoolboys Rugby League side this year. Kye managed an 85.3 ATAR whilst playing Rugby League for NSW and Australia”.


What advice would you give other students starting their HSC?

Laura Fleming – “Just get organised. Plan the things that you want to do and then plan College work around them – just make sure you spend 3 to 4 hours a day working hard. You will not be stressed if you do that.”

Samantha Vibert – “Keep doing the things you like. Stick with Sport if that is what you like. Prioritise working hard next.”

What has it been like to be a student at Wollondilly?

Thomas Croucher – “This is a great place and learning is the top priority. It is a friendly place too. People care about more than marks. I can’t thank the staff enough.”

Jasmine Law – “The staff have created a learning culture here. We have students who have excelled in Sport and in the Creative and Performing Arts, but in the end it is a College where learning is the priority for everyone. I had my mind set on studying law. That dream is now possible.”


Students recorded Band 6 results in a variety of courses but most College graduates are focused on University so it was pleasing that Wollondilly Anglican College ranked 54 in NSW/ACT for Mathematics and 111 for English.

Of course, great results measured against external bench marks are important and worthy of celebration, but other students in Year 12 gained results that represented stories of average academic track records being converted through the hard work of staff and their own endeavours into expanded career options. The smiles on the faces of each of these students and parents were no less broad.

Under God’s hand, Wollondilly Anglican College continues to be among the fastest growing independent schools in Australia.  For further information or to arrange a College Tour, please contact our enrolments office on 46842577 or via email k.biddle@wac.nsw.edu.au

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