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  • Posted 16 June, 2017

    What Would I Tell My Son (Part 2). (Final part; Part 3; next week)

    This is the middle part of an article that began last week. Thanks again to all who assisted with tips in Raising Boys (a topic on which I am totally inexperienced as a Dad). Michale Grose opens the batting with these tips – When you understand the differences between genders your… read full article

  • Posted 8 June, 2017

    What Would I Tell My Son (Part 1)?

    Firstly, I am out of my league on this topic, having raised three daughters, and being the sole Y chromosome in the house for 30 years. So I have leant heavily on mum (who raised four boys and did a reasonable job on the other three). When I threw out the plea for help there were truckloads of… read full article

  • Posted 1 June, 2017

    What Would I Tell My Daughter?

    What Would I Tell My Daughter? British comedian Dawn French tells of the day of her first school disco. Self-conscious and lacking in confidence, she was wondering what to wear. Her father spoke to her.“He sat me down and told me that I was beautiful, that I was the most precious thing in… read full article

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