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  • Posted 24 August, 2017

    Reflections on Year 12 (Part 2)

    Term 3 is the final year of attendance at the College for Year 12. It is an important milestone and a time to reflect over more than half of a life. Please continue to pray for Year 12 as they work hard towards their HSC, at the same time as they reflect on their past and ponder their future. Following on from last week, here is the second part of the memories and advice from the 2016 College 
    Captains which may act as a focal point for your thoughts and prayers.

    Tyler Wilson, 2016 Girls’ College Captain: We entered the College gates as students, and we will leave as accomplished young adults.

    I have been in the privileged position to represent my year group and to reflect on our time here at the College and the impact that it has had on our lives. As a group we will remember the memories made during our time, and reflect on the friendships forged, the teachers who have supported us and the experiences in and out of the classroom that shaped us. For those of our group who have been part of the College since 2004 this day is both sad and memorable. This is no less significant for those of our group who joined along the way. 

    We all appreciate the extraordinary number of people who have contributed to the success of our time here at the College. Parents, we thank you for the considerable sacrifices you have made to ensure we were given the best possible start.  Without your continued love and support much of what we have achieved would not have been possible and so we can only pass on our eternal 
    gratitude for giving us the opportunity to attend this amazing College. 

    We’ve learned that the staff here at the College truly only do want the best for us, as they put the 
    utmost effort into providing us with the opportunities and support that guide us. We, thank all the teachers, mentors and members of staff who have supported us through our time here. For those of us in attendance during the primary years, I have no doubt you have fond memories of many of your primary teachers. We also owe great thanks to Dr Quarmby for his ongoing support and leadership, Mr Croger for his dedication to our studies and to Mr Toland for his fantastic coordination of the SRC. 

    Lastly I would like to thank our beloved Mrs Rigg who has been a fabulous Year Patron for Year 12 over the past few years. She has seen the best and worst of most of us and we are incredibly 
    grateful for her support. I won’t forget to mention Mrs Perri who before Mrs Rigg had the pleasure of being our Year Patron as well as Mrs Madden who stepped in for a brief time. I hope we were worth the investment. 

    To the students in the years that follow: Always make the most of every opportunity you are given. I promise you that while the end may look sweet, the years prior to graduation will be some of the most memorable and so step up and mark your place in this College that does so much to 
    provide you with the opportunity to shine. In the eyes of the Lord and our College we are all leaders who have the potential to do great things. 

    This College is about people and people are worth the investment.