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  • Posted 15 November, 2017

    Moments of kindness

    The boy clutched the frilly white hanky to his nose. It had stemmed the bleeding much better than his shirt and the back of his wrist had done and it was now almost all red rather than white. He thought of the hand that gave him the hanky and the red nailpolish. It all happened in an instant. The… read full article

  • Posted 9 November, 2017

    Who Am I?

    I am the unknown soldier in the unmarked grave who lies far from those who loved him and nurtured him as a boy.I am the man who gave his life to fight against the oppressors and to defend the innocent.I am the one who suffered in the heat and the snow; who returned home crippled or haunted by the… read full article

  • Posted 2 November, 2017

    Money Can't Buy Me Love

    Here is a quote from the One Stop Success Shop from Algarve, Portugal - Success is essential in every area of your life. Your business life, whatever it is that you do for a living, is vital to your finances. Financial freedom is the real essence of a freedom from stress and pressure.… read full article

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