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  • Posted 23 March, 2017


    On Monday I had the opportunity to offer some reflections on Hudson on behalf of the staff and students of the College. While I can’t write all the reflections, I thought it is worth including the comments from Hudson’s class mates. They are forthright and honest in a way that is… read full article

  • Posted 16 March, 2017

    How Do We Make Sense of Things?

    ‘How do you make sense of this?’ Dr Quarmby was asked this by one of the television reporters while he was being interviewed the day after the tragic accident. After some pause for thought he replied – ‘We can’t. That’s why we pray’. We try to make sense of… read full article

  • Posted 9 March, 2017

    From the Foundation Headmaster - Comfort and Compassion

    Where do we find comfort in circumstances like this? One of our little ones looked forward to learning and playing at the College on Tuesday just like any other. A mum who got the twins ready on Tuesday just like any other; packed their lunches and strapped them in. On Tuesday, one of our little… read full article

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