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  • Posted 18 May, 2017

    Jesus Provides Solutions not Problems

    Some people view the world by focusing on the problems, others on the solutions. Challenges are inevitable parts of life. The mindset that we adopt when these hit, whether we find ourselves in the same position repeatedly or if we are able to dig ourselves out of the situations, and perhaps even… read full article

  • Posted 11 May, 2017

    John's Mum

    A good while ago in smoky, foggy, London there was a fully surrendered, consecrated woman-grey-haired, bent back (she spent many hours a day over the washtub and the ironing board.) She had a boy. He ran away to sea in his teens, and for years she did not know where the boy was. And she prayed, of… read full article

  • Posted 4 May, 2017

    Love for Those Behind Them (2017 ANZAC Service - by James Hornery Y11)

    There were 102,825 recorded Australian soldiers killed as a result of active service; 177,910 Australian soldiers wounded as a result of active service; and approximately 34,560 soldiers taken captive in the first and second World Wars. Wives widowed; children left fatherless; mothers left without… read full article

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