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  • Posted 12 April, 2018


    Where do we find wisdom?A quick answer may be – in the Bible – but how do we know where to look? Ask any child and the answer is simple. Just Google it. Wisdom is just a few key strokes away. Relationship difficulties? – Just Google it. Travel advice? Just Google it. Train… read full article

  • Posted 5 April, 2018

    Thank Goodness I've Found You

    I met Brian Thompson at Cessnock on 19 July 2017. He may or may not remember me. (Probably not actually). I was an impromptu guest speaker at a meeting of the Fromelles Association of Australia, a kind of last minute ring-in; asked to give a two-minute invitation to the gathering for the grand… read full article

  • Posted 29 March, 2018


    Have you ever stopped and checked how you talk to yourself? Some mental health issues begin and end by deleting negative self-talk giving yourself a break? T.H.I.N.K. Have you ever had a bad day and spoken to someone harshly who deserved better from you? T.H.I.N.K. Have you ever been too casual… read full article

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