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  • Posted 26 October, 2017

    Where does the time go?

    When I was a young boy, the Headmaster used to tell us all about the time in the 1930s when he was a boy. This was boring. To us, 1930 sounded like a year when dinosaurs had just become extinct. So I have decided to do the same thing. Let me go back in time when I was young and when all the… read full article

  • Posted 19 October, 2017

    The Difference between Excellent and Perfect

    The girl sat at her desk and re-examined the answer sheet. 95%. Again the tears rolled down her cheeks. She had known the answers to the other questions but a simple lack of concentration, a simple misunderstanding, a simple oversight when she had thoroughly checked her answers and it had all… read full article

  • Posted 12 October, 2017

    Our Students Travelling in Germany

    Our travelling students are in their last week of their journey through Germany and will be returning this weekend. You are able to follow their adventures and see some of their photographs by visiting their Blog Site and they look to be having a really… read full article

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