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  • Posted 22 March, 2018


    Byron Bernstein is nine years old. Byron has a debilitating disease. He is not expected too live to long past his 10th birthday. Byron loves Jesus. People are amazed at his faith. They ask themselves the question – “If I was nine years old with a deteriorating health condition, would I… read full article

  • Posted 15 March, 2018

    Jesus is?

    By Stuart McIntosh A few months ago I was cleaning up the cupboard in the back of my shed when I discovered a few long-lost friends. They were some of my teddy bears that I had when I was a little boy. My teddy bears were great in those days. I was able to talk to them, cuddle them, cry on them… read full article

  • Posted 8 March, 2018

    Highlights and Lowlights

    Highlights It was amazing to once again see the number of students and staff who lined up and marched down the street at the Thirlmere Festival of Steam over the weekend (I’m sure there will be pictures of the event in this newsletter). It is one thing to talk about being part of the… read full article

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