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  • Posted 10 August, 2017

    The Wollondilly Way

    We are currently developing a new College website. This has meant that staff, who already have a lot on their plate, have been asked to update various sections of this important interface. Even the Headmaster gets a job list, and one of my tasks was to write a few lines about the distinctives that… read full article

  • Posted 27 July, 2017

    Your Generosity at Work

    I had a chance to speak to the Secondary students at the conclusion of Foundation Day. It had occurred to us that there would be a few students who may not be fully aware of the purpose of Foundation Day at our College. Foundation Day, for many organisations like ours, is a fundraising day to buy… read full article

  • Posted 29 June, 2017

    2 Voices

    Voice 1: College Headmaster: Dr Stuart Quarmby It was 2004 and I was on a mission trip to the local people in Sabah. It was hot and I really feel the heat. The people in Sabah lived in very poor conditions and yet they were very generous to their visitor from the first world. I cannot explain why… read full article

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