Building Site Fencing Along Bus Bay Traffic Disruption for the Rest of 2017

Due to the renovation of the Banks building during term 3 and 4, the site fencing needs to be erected in the bus bay gutter. This means that there will be disruption to our regular traffic flow.
Please be aware that:
  • The buses have priority and will be parked in the College exit lane from 2:30pm, blocking it to exit traffic for 17 minutes until they are loaded and have all departed. 
  • Once the first six buses are in the exit lane for loading, except for an emergency, traffic in the auditorium and rear carparks cannot leave till 2:47pm
  • The six buses then exit the College to allow the last four buses into the exit lane for loading. 
  • Once these last four buses leave at 2:47pm, the traffic in the Auditorium and rear carparks can then be allowed to leave the College. Please plan your afternoon each day keeping these changes in mind.
  • Again, I remind you all that while the buses are still entering the College, there is no exit lane for the Auditorium and rear carparks. 
  • All drivers will need to follow direction from Traffic attendants
  • Picton Buslines have our full support and the buses won’t enter this area till after 2:30pm
We apologise for any inconvenience caused but this is the only way we can prioritise these wonderful new facilities being completed on time in January ready for 2018 Term one.
The best solution for everyone is for students to catch the bus whenever possible and for all drivers to be patient and courteous at all times.
Please click here for a diagram of traffic flow during this period.
Mr Schroder/ Property Manager / WHS Coordinator