Headmaster's Blog

Happy Mother’s Day!

By Mr Ian Croger (Acting Headmaster)

My Mum turns 85 this year and my Mother-in-law will be 90. As part of the preparation for my Mother-in-law’s birthday, the family are going to create a video with key family members reflecting on her wisdom over the years and some of her key sayings.

This caused me to reflect on things both Mothers have said to their children and grandchildren over the years. Some of these might be familiar to you, while others might be unique and belong to a much older generation. The scary thing is that I have caught myself saying many of these as well.

On this Mother’s Day, pay tribute to the one who loved you through all your triumphs as well as your mistakes and helped to mould your attitude and philosophy of life. Forgive her mistakes, celebrate her triumphs, and honour her life and memory. May we thank God for our Mothers.