Headmaster's Blog

Wollondilly Rocks

By Mr Ian Croger (Acting Headmaster)

Congratulations to all those involved with the staging of our 12th College Musical – ‘We Will Rock You’.

Each musical is a huge undertaking and the commitment of the staff and students who are involved in the production is remarkable. Considerable planning, skill and coordination are required to bring together all the elements of the show – acting, singing, dancing, music, movement between scenes, set design and construction, costume design and acquisition, lighting, hair, makeup sound, props, ticketing, graphic design and printing programs, front of house, catering and the supervision of students.
We often reflect on the teamwork required by sporting teams to achieve success. Musical productions
require an amazing level of teamwork and coordination. The students and staff work collectively to bring together a production of this nature. The collaboration and cooperation required is significant. This creates a pressure to succeed and not let down the other members of the team. Remembering lines and cues, and overcoming confidence issues, requires character. With this Musical there is the added pressure that the music of Queen is so well known by everyone.
With the patience, support and experience of the staff, the students were able to overcome these
challenges. During the process the students learn a great deal about themselves. They also learn that by belonging to a group with a common purpose, there is a sense of belonging, with care and support from the other members within the group. This was evident with a number of the older and more experienced cast members taking care of younger students. We are certainly fortunate to have the quality of staff and students that we do at the College and thank God for His many blessings.
A number of members of the public, outside of the immediate College community, have commented not only on the quality of the production and performances, but also on how friendly and polite they found our students in their interactions with them before and after the performances. Although I am not surprised about the quality of our students it is pleasing to hear this from the perspective of other people.
Some Musical Facts:
  • Auditions commenced in Term 4 and rehearsals each Monday afternoon for two terms from 3.00 pm – 5.30 pm, four days of rehearsal in April College holidays, full rehearsal Friday, 3 May.
  • Five performances with approximately 1000 people attending – staff, students, parents, other family members, friends, former students, College Council members, the sponsor, local pre-schoolers, residents from local retirement villages, the Wollondilly Shire Council Mayor, Shire Councillors and  the local member for Wollondilly and their families.
  • Cast and Crew: 127 students were involved including 89 in the Cast. The remainder were involved along with staff and other volunteers in set design, costume design, back stage crew and the Band.
  • Seven staff were directly involved with the production over the two terms – Mrs Talbot, Mr Denley, Mr Grant, Mrs Clayton, Miss Valente, Mrs Ware and Miss Bailey. Ms Bridge was the Vocal Coach.
  • Other volunteers including staff, students, parents and community members were involved in – making props, costuming – the Textiles classes, ticketing, programs, VIPs, Catering – the Office staff;  Set Construction and logistics – the WAC Property staff; Green Room supervision and serving –  staff  and students, Front of House – staff and students, graphic design – Mrs Jude Gaidzionis and  the printing of 1000 programs – our Sponsor Mr Greg McCabe.
Thank you to all those involved, particularly the staff of the College. We look forward to next year’s