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WAC Receives Esmart Accreditation

Last week the College was officially notified that it is now an Esmart Accredited School. This has been a process that has been undertaken over a number of years and reflects status as a school that is demonstrating best practice regarding use of digital technology. It is an exciting achievement that has involved a great deal of work by staff, including professional development, on-going committee and working party, reviews and updating of policy, curriculum focuses, student engagement and participation in activities that promote digital citizenship, cybersafety or maintaining an appropriate digital reputation. The process involved an audit regarding a number of different domains related to ICT and an examination of changes that needed to be implemented and sustained in order to maintain leading approaches to this important area. At the end of the process the College was required to answer a series of questions to clarify whether these areas are addressed in an on-going way through processes and protocols here at the College. This culminated in the submission of evidence required that is reviewed by experts in the field and the notification that the evidence submitted had been successful in recognizing that the College meets this criteria.
The College as part of the student voice and engagement aspect of this process have formed a Digital Ambassadors Team. These students recently attended an event with Mr Hazlewood and Mrs Madden down in Wollongong. The groups meet regularly and are planning activities for the upcoming Esmart week.which will take place from 1st-7th September. Student voice and engagement in this space is important in maintaining opportunities to support and educate one another in an ever-changing landscape.