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Fire and Drought

The following is an extract from a news item from the Jericho Road Organisation. Their updates are different from those received in news headlines. They are an
organisation with a remit to help those trying to respond to earthly tragedies and to
find words for prayer to God. This may help you as it helped me –

Psalm 145: 8-9 The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The
Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.

While today is cooler and calmer, many fires remain at a serious level. There is little doubt we are at
the beginning of a serious fire season unless there is plentiful rain across the country. Please
continue to pray that God would have mercy and send rain, to ease the fires and to break the

For today, please pray:
 Giving thanks to God for His great mercy
 For drought and fire breaking rain
 For those who have lost loved ones – that they would not be alone as they grieve and that they may know God’s love
 For those who have been injured – that they would be healed and that those caring for them would have the skill and wisdom to support them as they recover
 For those who have lost their homes – 100 confirmed and likely to be around 300 – that they would be supported, comforted and cared for in the immediate and the long term
 For those near the fires that are still at a serious level – that they would remain safe, that they would be able to get some rest and that they would be able to turn to God with their anxieties
 For those who are struggling with the changes to their usual days and the stress of the past days and weeks because of closed schools, closed roads, loved ones in danger and the impact
of smoke on their health – that they would be sustained
 For those bearing the burden of command, particularly yesterday but also in the following weeks and months – thank God for them, pray that they would be able to rest and find the personal
support they need, pray for continued wisdom
 For those in emergency services, both on the ground and in support capacities – thank God for them, pray that they would be able to rest and recover, pray that they would be supported and
that those who have been away from family will be able to see their loved ones soon, pray for their continued safety
 For God’s people – that they would be able to show His love in difficult circumstances, love their neighbours and speak the name of Jesus to those who grieve and fear and suffer


Jericho Road will continue to send our prayer letters over the coming weeks and months – for both those affected by fires and the drought. We know that people in those areas appreciate your prayers. Please continue to pray for them. Please let anyone who may be interested in receiving ongoing prayer letters know they can sign up here.


Liz McClean
CEO, Jericho Road