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The End of an Era

I write to inform the Wollondilly Anglican College community of the pending retirement of our Founding Headmaster, Dr Quarmby who will retire at the end of Term 2 next year. Dr Quarmby has made this decision to focus on medical issues he faces and to spend more time with his family and grandchildren.

The College Council is very thankful to God for the Godly leadership Dr Quarmby has given as Founding Headmaster.

Dr Quarmby’s infectious enthusiasm for all things “Wollondilly” (and the Tigers) is legendary. Since the establishment of the College in 2004, Dr Quarmby has played a vital role in creating a Christian culture that values the pursuit of excellence in all areas. He has vigorously promoted the concept of a “second education” where students have been encouraged to adopt Christian morals, standards and ethics. He has actively encouraged a pride in belonging to a vibrant College community but at the same time has emphasised the importance of interacting with the wider community.

As Headmaster, his concern for the needs of individual students and the welfare of all members of staff is evidence of the depth of his compassion for others. He frequently reminds everyone that the God he serves loves each one of them deeply. Under his leadership our integrated libraries have created a unique 21st century learning environment that has contributed significantly to the high
academic results being achieved. Dr Quarmby’s attention to detail has been evident in the multitude of building programs undertaken during his Headship. It is expected that, by the time he retires, work will have commenced on the last of our major teaching blocks.

Dr Quarmby has demonstrated an impressive quality in leadership. He has balanced his attention to detail with a broad vision for the future. For example, he has, while managing the daily challenges in the College, provided for future expansion by arranging for the purchase of adjoining land known as the Olive Groves. In addition, his strong advocacy for the future development of a campus of the College at Wilton has been motivated by his desire for parents in this newly developing area to be able to choose an education similar to that offered at Wollondilly. Outside the College he has been actively involved in the leadership of several professional associations and is a valued member of the Anglican Schools Corporation. He will be sorely missed by students, staff and parents.

The Anglican Schools Corporation and our College Council will begin the process of finding a new Head to lead the College into the next exciting stage of development. Should this process not be completed by the middle of next year, parents can be assured that the College will be in the capable hands of Mr Croger and our very experienced senior staff. Their proven experience over many years will be invaluable in this process of change. During the first half of next year, various opportunities will be provided for all those who wish to express their appreciation to Dr Quarmby for the impact that he has had on their lives. Please join with the College Council in praying that we all might manage the process of change well and particularly pray for Dr and Mrs Quarmby as they prepare for a well earned retirement.

Mr Ron Webb
Wollondilly Anglican College Council