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Welcome and Welcome Back

Continued Record Growth
Once again, Day 1 finds us facing unprecedented growth. There are 172 new smiling student faces and 16 nervous new staff, or existing staff with broader responsibilities which started on Day 1 here in 2020. Again, this is partly on the strength of academic results but life success is more than just numbers; more than just success in sporting and cultural activities; it is the recognition that the Christian values that underpin much of our way of life should not be shelved, but instead be examined afresh as we seek to make a difference for the better in an often confusing world.


Thanks to the firefighters
Thanks to the firefighters; the RFS, the SES and the Police and to all others who worked so hard to save as many homes and businesses as they could over the break. Thanks to those who worked so hard to save our College.


Thanks to Phil Costa (past Mayor) and Les McMahon (past General Manager of Wollondilly Shire Council)
Years ago, Phil and Les made a decision to support commonsense when the College was seeking to change the old farm tip up the back into an oval. It was not easy for them as there were strong voices not linked to the College, who wanted to plant a forest of trees instead. Our College kangaroos, wombats, echidnas would thank you Phil and Les, (if they could) for your decision which saved their lives (and our College) as the fire brigade were able to use the fire-break that the oval provided to hold the fire back so our animals could flee to safety.


Pleasing 2019 HSC Results: 11 Students on the “Distinguished Achievers’ List” 16 Band 6 Results and 84 Band 5 Results from 58 students eligible for an ATAR.
Congratulations to the Year 12 class of 2019 for their commitment and perseverance in the achievement of commendable HSC results. Our College community was immensely proud to receive the news that 11 students were placed in the highest result band for at least one subject. All received honourable mention on the prestigious list of distinguished HSC achievers for 2019.


Distinguished Achievers’ Merit list for NSW – extract –
Georgia Baker
Riley Boon
William Chadwick
Bodhine Corns
Nina Hvejsel
Rylea Keen
Zara Luxford
Madilyn McKinley
Brianna Ollis
Ethan Seidel
Lachlan Wadling
In addition, Ethan Seidel, Riley Boon, Zara Luxford and Brianna Ollis all had performances or projects that earned nomination by the examiners for exhibition as benchmark works for excellence for the HSC – Ethan (Music “Encore Exhibition”) and Riley, Zara, Brianna (Design and Technology “Shape Exhibition”)


Students with ATAR 90+ Riley Boon (Dux); Brianna Ollis; Nina Hvejsel and William Chadwick
“We are very proud of our class of 2019 and we are particularly proud of the virtues and character of these upstanding ladies and gentlemen. At Wollondilly Anglican College we celebrate excellence against externally measured benchmarks. Of equal importance to us is the measure of personal best and the extraordinary tales of our externally measured “value added” benchmarked results between Year 10 and Year 12 which attest to the hard work of staff and a positive learning tone for students who will now, as a result, enjoy expanded career and course options. There is both
an academic and enduring character return on such a wise investment”. – Dr S J Quarmby.


Congratulations, Class of 2019