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Return to College Plan

The current situation changes daily and this makes it difficult for long term planning. However, in an effort to communicate to parents, students and staff how the return to ‘normal’ teaching and learning might look, Dr Quarmby provided an update in a letter to parents last Friday.

Week 3 – Monday, 11 May

Transition and Year 12
Return onsite. Normal face-to-face lessons. Off-Campus lessons cease.

House groups for K-11
Return one day a week. Online Lessons only for this group for those at the College and for those who are still at home.
Monday – Acacia
Tuesday – Grevillea
Wednesday – Sollya
Thursday – Telopea
Friday – Wollemi


Week 4 – Monday, 18 May

Transition to Year 6

All return. Normal face-to-face lessons. Off-Campus Lessons cease.

Year 11 and Year 12
On-site. Only face to face lessons. Off-Campus delivery – ceased.

Years 7-10
House based groups. Online Lessons only for this group for those at the College and for those who are still at home.
Students attend the College the same days as Week 3.


Week 5 – Monday, 25 May

All students return – Online lessons will cease. Only face-to-face teaching.

From Week 4 for T-6, Year 11 and Year 12 and Week 5 for the rest of the students
If students remain at home due to parent concerns regarding underlying medical conditions that place their child at a higher risk, work will be provided. Parents will need to contact the class teacher T-6 or the Year Patron 7-12 so that work can be organised.

The work provided will be hard copy booklets or worksheets, material posted on Canvas, or work emailed home. They will not be lessons involving Zoom contact.

Earphones: A reminder to secondary students to bring their earphones or earbuds to classes, particularly while Zoom lessons are still occurring.


Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Thank you to parents who have maintained ‘social distancing’ from students, staff and other parents during drop-off and pick-up times.
While the current situation is still evolving we ask that this continues for the next few weeks until isolation restrictions are further relaxed.


Mr Ian Croger – Deputy Headmaster