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Father’s Day

In honour of Father’s Day this Sunday, I thought I would provide a few ‘Dad Jokes’ to celebrate the occasion. Even though many people cringe when they hear them (Mrs Croger included), I think kids secretly quite like them, despite the groans and the rolling of the eyes.

  • What did the office manager say when they jumped out of the store cupboard? “Supplies!
  • If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?
  • I used to work in a shoe recycling shop. It was sole destroying.
  • When does a joke become a Dad joke? When it becomes apparent!
  • The US secret service isn’t allowed to yell “Get down!” any more when the president is about to be attacked. Now they have to yell “Donald Duck!”
  • Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: “Does this taste funny to you?”
  • What do you call a man who can’t stand? Neil.
  • I’m thinking about removing my spine. I feel like it’s only holding me back.


Of course, fathers and positive male role models are more than just about Dad Jokes. They play a significant and lifelong role in parenting children. Fathers generally keep pace with their children’s development adjusting their role at different stages. For instance, during a child’s Primary Years they focus on recreational work and so they help develop children’s interests and competencies through sport, hobbies and leisure activities.


Another task for fathers of early adolescents, is to help their children develop strong values and inner beliefs. This spiritual work helps young people develop the moral compasses they need to act safely and be good citizens when fathers aren’t around. Fathers with a Christian faith would apply a biblical perspective to this process.


When children become adults, leave home and start families of their own, fathers continue to play a role. It is in this stage that men take on mentoring work, passing on the wisdom gained from their experiences to the next generation so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes that they have made. It even means passing on the skill of telling Dad Jokes.


Fathering never stops. It changes with the development of our children. Our lasting fathering legacy will be determined by the character we display; the way we live our lives and how we relate to our family.


On Father’s Day, we will pause to celebrate our fathers. But it might be difficult for some families to celebrate because your father is no longer around. Or maybe the relationship with your father is broken, or not what you hoped it would be.


Even if you can’t celebrate with your earthly father on Father’s Day, you can still celebrate with your Heavenly Father. If you belong to God, then you have a great Father. And because you are His, you can never be called fatherless. The Lord even gave you His name to wear. Wear it with pride. You are a treasured member of His family.


This Father’s Day, you can celebrate God’s promises to you:

  • He will never leave you or abandon you. Hebrews. 13:5
  • God has reserved a place for you at His table. Ephesians. 2:6
  • He will give you strength when you’re weak. Isiah. 40:29
  • The Lord will love you always. Psalm. 118:1
  • God will protect you. 2 Thessalonians. 3:3
  • He will help you keep going. Psalm. 54:4
  • The Lord will comfort you in hard times. Psalm. 23:4
  • He will give you everlasting life. John. 6:40


We also pause and spare a thought for those families who are unable to see their father due to the COVID-19 restrictions.


Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads and Father Figures