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Off-Campus Learning

Dear Parents and Families

I hope that you have enjoyed a fruitful and refreshing time with your families over this holiday break. The ongoing COVID restrictions may have limited our choices and activities but I trust that your children were still able to enjoy a break from College. As Term 3 approaches, we once again find ourselves significantly impacted by COVID. However, I want to encourage you by saying that Wollondilly Anglican College will continue to provide great learning and pastoral support for our students and their families.

Please read through this brief update regarding Term 3. We will communicate with you more specifics as additional information becomes available.


Term 3 Off-Campus Learning
As we head into Term 3, it has become apparent that we will return to our Off-Campus Learning mode for at least two weeks and possibly longer. We will continue to monitor the latest NSW Health guidelines as well as suggestions from the AISNSW regarding a full return to the College. Our staff delivered exceptional teaching last time we were providing Off-Campus Learning and the feedback we received from parents was very positive (and very appreciated). I am. confident that our staff will continue to deliver great learning this term, whether on or off-campus. Staff have been busy with important professional development this week and have also been preparing for the delivery of online learning from day one of Term 3.

The College will be open to families of parents who must attend their workplaces and feel that their children cannot remain at home. Students who are at the College will also engage in Off-Campus Learning under staff supervision. As a College, we are aiming to do our part in decreasing any potential spread of COVID, particularly the Delta variant that is spreading more easily, therefore we are asking you to keep your children at home if that is possible. It is also important to understand that if any students or parents travel to the College from outside Greater Sydney, they will then need to adhere to the stay at the home direction for 14 days from the last day they visited the College, this applies even when at home in regional NSW.

Students in Secondary who are at the College will be required to wear face masks while indoors; please ensure they have a face mask with them. If they forget their face mask they will be provided with one and this will be charged to your College account. All children aged 13 and over will also be required to wear a face mask on buses travelling to and from the College. The Canteen and Uniform Shop will not be operating until further notice. The After School Care program run by Little Elves Childcare will continue to operate.


Parents and Visitors on Campus
It is preferable if parents do not visit the College campus, whether your children are on campus or not. If you are picking up or dropping off your children please remain in your car. If you are required to leave your car for any reason, please ensure you are wearing a face mask during this time. We understand that the restrictions that are being placed on our community may be difficult at times, but we know that these restrictions will be eased more quickly if everyone is following them while they are in place. Parents of students in K-4 will need to leave their car; you must wear a face mask when you are out of the car and please limit your movement to the pick-up area only. Parents must not meet with other parents on campus during these pick-up or drop-off times.


HSC Students and Families
We would like to encourage all of our Year 12 students to keep working diligently during this last term of their education. We are not sure exactly what changes may occur regarding final assessments and exams; however, all decisions are being made to support students as best as possible. We will pass on information about any changes as soon as we can. In the meantime, keep studying, keep engaging in your lessons (on or offline) and please reach out for support if you need it. Our Pastoral Care team has your health and wellbeing at tl1e front of their mind and will be doing all they can to support you through these final challenges. Finally, may I encourage you to trust in our Lord Jesus who loves us and cares for us. He is our strength during these interesting and challenging times. May God bless you as we navigate Term 3 together.


Yours faithfully
Mr Trevor Norman


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