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Our Commitment to Outstanding Learning Opportunities

Direct & Explicit Instruction At Wollondilly Anglican College

At Wollondilly Anglican College, we are committed to providing outstanding learning opportunities to all students. Teachers are working from a model of Direct and Explicit Instruction to ensure that students are learning, not just being taught. To some, these may seem synonymous; if a teacher is teaching then a student must be learning. However, we know that this is not always the case, and when it comes to fulfilling our commitment to high-quality learning, we are going to be explicit in our approach. Our Direct and Explicit Learning approach follows a carefully planned approach. Students will receive a mental warm-up at the beginning of a lesson; this may be a verbal revision or a couple of quick questions off the board based on previously learned material. Students are then presented with a clear learning goal and will understand what success will look like in this area. Learning is demonstrated and then practised, with regular feedback being provided to the students. There are additional elements of our practice that our teachers are continuing to implement and refine as we continue to provide great learning. I am encouraged by the lessons that I have observed; students are engaged, they are demonstrating appropriate learning behaviour and they are learning! Thank you for your support of our teachers and staff across the College, we are excited about partnering with you in your children’s education.

Mr Trevor Norman
College Headmaster