Headmaster's Blog

Our Commitment to Exceptional Teaching & Learning

Over the next three weeks, I would like to share further details on our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, before an official launch later in the term. I have appreciated the input that parents, staff, students and our College Council have provided through email or conversations with me. We have also sought God’s guidance through this whole process and feel confident that He has been leading us into this plan that has been developed. Our Strategic Plan focuses on Learning, Care and Culture. This week I will unpack Learning. I am so excited to be part of a College that is committed to high levels of learning for every student. Our staff are passionate about helping students learn, and our strategic focus on Learning means that we will continue to grow and improve as teachers. We are committed to using the most effective approaches to learning so that every student has every opportunity to achieve their academic potential. Our approach to learning uses an Explicit Instruction model. We have chosen to develop our skills in this model because it is a proven teaching method that will bring ongoing improvements in learning for all of our students. Through an Explicit Instruction approach, teachers ensure that students know what they are learning, know how they will know they have learned and will be supported to achieve this learning if they are struggling. Students demonstrating clear understanding are provided with opportunities to extend their learning. We will also ensure that all new teachers are highly supported to deliver high-quality teaching immediately. Finally, our teachers will be thoroughly prepared to deliver the new curriculum being introduced by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority), starting in 2023 for some subjects. Our Years K-2 Teachers are already well prepared for the introduction of the K-2 English and Mathematics courses in 2023, with all other courses being introduced over the following five years.

Mr Trevor Norman
College Headmaster