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  • Posted 28 March, 2019

    Lessons from Lego

    By Mr Stuart McIntosh 

    Playing with Lego is fun.  At our home we have an area in our family room set up with Lego.  We regularly build things, pull things apart and put things back together. Sometimes the structures collapse if they are not strong enough while other times we have to find something to separate the Lego pieces because they are too firmly stuck together.

    When using Lego, you need to start with a strong foundation, something that will help you to build high structures. You need a strong and secure base.  You can’t start with something tiny if you are going to build something big on top.  It just won’t work. As you continue to build, you add more things, and change things to make it better.

    Friendships are a little like that.  A friend is someone you have laugh with, someone you can cry with, someone who will support you when things are not going according to plan.  A friend is someone you can relax around and just be yourself. 

    Sometimes a friend knows you better than you might know yourself. A friend is someone who will be with you even when they are meant to be doing something else. A friend will give you advice and 
    support you without making fun of you. You cannot buy friendship. Friendships are built upon strong foundations, just like a good Lego construction, and usually start with a common interest.

    The other day I caught up with a friend whom I have known since Kindergarten. Our common interest is music. He was in the school band, and I was in the band too.  We both played at concerts and had music lessons. We were also in the same class for most of our Primary years from K to 6.  However, in Year 7 as we went to different schools, we lost contact and our interests changed.  It wasn’t until we all had left school that I accidently found him at a Church I was visiting.  We picked up our 
    friendship again. 

    God tells us many stories in the Bible about building upon strong foundations. One of them is the 
    parable of the wise and the foolish builder. A foolish builder doesn't know how to begin. He picks one brick and builds an entire house on top of it, completely unaware that the entire house will soon 
    collapse. A wise builder plans ahead. He establishes a firm foundation and builds on it.  We learnt that the strong foundation is knowing Jesus and wanting to follow his ways.  

    Boys and girls, when we have a strong foundation in our friendships and with God, you know that you can relax and be yourself.  A true friend will never say hurtful things. A true friend loves 
    unconditionally just like God does. A true friend is a special gift from God. A good friend knows when to listen and when to say helpful things. In the Bible it says that a friend loves at all times.

    What a friend we have in Jesus.