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  • Posted 4 April, 2019

    Looking for a job?

    Here are seven things to avoid when looking for a position; seven answers that 
    required a little more thought; seven tips for a successful interview (modified from the NRL School to work Newsletter).
    None of these things were terminal but they did not help
    1. The handshake that felt like gripping warm playdoh.
    2. The person who answered his mobile phone, “Not now - I’m in the interview right now - yes, so far so good - OK - see you - don’t forget it’s bin night.” 
    3. The scratcher.
    4. The lady who kept calling me Roger.
    5. The apology: Sorry I’m late but I did not realise that Wollondilly was past Sydney.
    6. The applicant for a teaching position in a Megadeth T-Shirt and ripped jeans.
    7. The inquiry: Does the position require Working With Children? I don’t like them much. I am more of a dog and cat person.
    Here are seven answers to avoid
    1. Q: So what attracts you to the College? A: I’m not sure. I am looking at a few schools.
    2. Q: In the job information sheet you would have seen the five things that we stand for. How would you incorporate these in the workplace? A: Can you tell me what they are again?
    3. Q: We are a Christian school. How does Jesus influence your life? A: Jesus seems like a good fellow but I’m not sure how Jesus Christ fits into Christianity.
    4. Q: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses? A: I do not have any.
    5. Q: What particular aspect of the position description appeals to you? A: Probably most of it, but there are a few things that you will need to change if I decide to come.
    6. Q: Do you have any questions to ask us? A: Yes. I have a nice car. Can I have a covered car space?
    7. Q: Why did you become a teacher? A: I looked at the Army and Journalism but teaching has better sick leave and holidays.
    And to finish, seven tips to improve your chances
    1. Research the company: What are the key things that they stand for.
    2. Arrive 10-15 minutes early.
    3. Dress appropriately.
    4. Come prepared. Have your resume. Know the position description.
    5. Act appropriately. Turn your phone off.
    6. Smile. Make eye contact. Have a firm handshake.
    7. Practice some of the answers to questions that you anticipate with a friend or family member beforehand.
    As my old Scout Master used to say … 
    Be prepared!