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  • Posted 28 June, 2018

    Launch of Koko and Twiga

    Twenty years ago, I was blessed to hear a great speaker by the name of Clifford Warne. He was a man who was fully committed to the Gospel and to Christian Education. He worked with his friend, Paul White to tell simple stories based on Paul’s time as a missionary in Africa and using African… read full article

  • Posted 21 June, 2018

    The Shoulder to Shoulder Shelter

    Shoulder to shoulder they stood on parade. Young men who had enlisted together. Men from the same town in the same unit. Mates at a school desk one day. Soldiers the next. Shoulder to shoulder they stood in the trenches, hearing the fearful cries of fallen mates drowned out by the sounds of… read full article

  • Posted 14 June, 2018

    Fear Ends Where Faith Begins

    On the French highway just before the Belgium Border, there is a single row of earth coloured bricks, a formation in disrepair, that surrounds the sign to a town. It is a sleepy little village of around 1000 people which makes it less than half the size of Buxton. You drive past a few houses and an… read full article

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