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  • Posted 24 October, 2019

    Love As Many People As You Can

    By Mr Tim Hicks Billy Graham, a famous evangelist tells of a South Sea Island missionary who wanted to translate the word ‘faith’. The local native language didn’t contain the word. The missionary spent months thinking about this important word’s translation. One day he saw… read full article

  • Posted 17 October, 2019

    As We Grieve Together Jesus Grieves With Us Too

    By Acting Headmaster, Mr Ian Croger ‘As we grieve together Jesus grieves with us too’. These are some of the words of support Dr Quarmby sent from Germany to the staff on hearing about the loss of Mr Peter Hazlewood. Staff and students at the College are deeply affected by the news.… read full article

  • Posted 26 September, 2019

    Lessons from Cindy

    She was a student at Wollondilly Anglican College. She left a few years ago but she left many of us with a lesson in life; a gift. We will call her Cindy. She had led quite a traumatic life and it had left her with physical scars and learning difficulties. She was difficult to manage, had poor… read full article

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