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  • Posted 12 September, 2019

    Grace Test

    OK - don’t panic - you have not missed the scholarship applications date and I am not talking about our advanced learning class (the “Grace” class) here. There is a simple test, care of John Ortberg, that you can take and it will give you an estimate on your Grace. It is not a… read full article

  • Posted 5 September, 2019

    Calling All Blokes

    Where have all the good blokes gone? I’m sure they are out there but they don’t seem to be present in numbers up on TV shows anymore. Where is Mike Brady? “Alone, we can only move buckets. But if we work together we can drain rivers”. Where is Ward Cleaver? June… read full article

  • Posted 29 August, 2019


    It was somewhere in the early 80s. we had just won the Grand Final for the mighty Campbelltown Cobras 3rd Grade. I had been playing Soccer for 17 years and this had been the first time we had ever reached the Grand Final. The feeling of achievement was indescribable. The disappointment on the faces… read full article

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