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  • Posted 2 May, 2019

    ANZAC Day Commemorations

    By Mr Ian Croger (Acting Headmaster) During last week, the College had a number of staff and student representatives (approximately 300) at various ANZAC Services including Thirlmere, Queen Victoria Nursing Home, Mittagong, Picton, Hilltop and Camden (plus those who attended services while away).… read full article

  • Posted 4 April, 2019

    Looking for a job?

    Here are seven things to avoid when looking for a position; seven answers that required a little more thought; seven tips for a successful interview (modified from the NRL School to work Newsletter). None of these things were terminal but they did not help The handshake that felt like gripping… read full article

  • Posted 28 March, 2019

    Lessons from Lego

    By Mr Stuart McIntosh Playing with Lego is fun. At our home we have an area in our family room set up with Lego. We regularly build things, pull things apart and put things back together. Sometimes the structures collapse if they are not strong enough while other times we have to find something… read full article

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