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  • Posted 7 February, 2019

    Forgiveness (Part 1)

    Since we are forgiven, it is important that we first learn to forgive. Nelson Mandela believed in freedom. He is credited with bringing freedom to South Africa but first he needed to be free from hate in his own heart. He learnt to forgive. Rory Steyn was the body guard to Nelson Mandela. Rory… read full article

  • Posted 31 January, 2019

    Welcome and Welcome Back

    Continued Record Growth: Once again, day 1 finds us facing unexpected and unprecedented growth. Kindergarten has doubled in size (from two classes to four classes and limited vacancies) There are 167 new smiling student faces, and 12 nervous new staff and existing staff with broader… read full article

  • Posted 6 December, 2018

    Fear Ends Where Faith Begins on the Long Walk to Freedom

    This is the last newsletter for 2018 and therefore the last article. It has been another wonderful year - a year in which we have enjoyed God’s continued lavish blessing. So, it is fitting to ponder the life of a man who knew God well. He was voted as the “most influential person of the… read full article

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