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  • Posted 1 August, 2019

    Lapse or Relapse?

    “Here I go again”, said the middle aged lady. “Two or three cream buns too many and the diet is ruined. I will never lose weight.” “I know what you mean”, said her brother. I promised that I would go to the Gym every day for three hours each morning. It lasted… read full article

  • Posted 4 July, 2019

    Happy or Sad?

    What kind of day are you having today? Are you happy or sad? I know that God wants me to be a better person. Sometimes I feel like I am making a difference. Sometimes I do what I know God would want me to do and I feel happy. Other times, I try to be a better person but I make mistakes. Sometimes I… read full article

  • Posted 28 June, 2019


    What is your vision? What are your dreams, hopes and ambitions? Successful people invariably started with vision. Most still have one. Excellence is never an accident. Successful companies habitually begin with a vision. It is vision activated that drives companies into being household names -… read full article

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