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Wollondilly Anglican College has a Canteen which proudly operates to Healthy Eating Guidelines and is open every College day for Recess and Lunch. The Canteen is nut aware and this follows through the whole College environment and it also offers vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free options. The canteen provides a valuable service catering to students and staff that may be time poor as well as those who are being treated to a lunch order. We value this privilege and aim to give them the best possible choices that are not only nutritious and sustaining but also enjoyable. There is a Coffee Shop adjoining the canteen which is open from 8am – 2.15pm for parents, friends and visitors to enjoy some relaxation and refreshment. 

We offer online canteen ordering for recess and lunch via Flexischools system where parents can set up an account for their child. Orders can be placed using your laptop, phone or other mobile device and must be completed online before 8.30am. Regular orders can be arranged - just "set and forget". Limited extra recess and lunch food is for sale over the counter along with drinks and snacks.

A traffic light system is in place which means green foods (go, go, go) may be consumed liberally, amber (use caution) foods should be occasional choices and red (stop) foods are banned in canteen except for two 'Red Days' each term where foods not normally on the regular 'healthy' menu are sold as special treats.

We have a volunteer roster system in place where parents and friends are asked to give a day on a regular basis to help out in the preparation and serving of food. Dad's and Nanna's as well as Mum’s have all been a part of the wonderful team of helpers. Students are excited to see their loved ones helping out and becoming involved with the College community, thereby fostering a spirit of volunteering and sharing of their time, gifts and energy. Volunteers are indeed a vital part of this service so it is of great importance that as many people as possible make an effort to sacrifice a little part of their time and give a day or two each term to serve in this way. You can be a part of this great team by simply filling in the attached volunteer form.

Assorted College Merchandise is also available for sale from the canteen. Please see merchandise items and price list under Related Links.

Think healthy, Eat healthy, Live healthy

Mrs Carolyn Richards

Canteen Supervisor