Care & Culture

Student Leadership

Student Leadership at WAC is focused on a servant leadership model.




Students complete a nomination for the Captain roles. Student involvement in all areas of the College is reviewed as part of the process. The involvement of students in Community Service activities and College Events is highly regarded.

A vote that encompasses their direct peer group, wider peer group and the staff of the College is used as the process for electing the Captains.

The final decision is at the discretion of the Headmaster.

  • College Captains Year 12
  • College Prefects Year 11
  • Senior Captains Year 10
  • Middle Captains Year 8
  • Primary Captains Year 6

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program is a program that focuses on the transition of students from the Primary Years into the Secondary Years. At the College, there are three areas that are the themes of the program. The area chosen is rotated on a cycle and or tailored to the needs of the specific Year 7 group. The themes of the program include Behaving with Integrity, Resilience and Anti-Bullying.

The program is delivered in the first term of Year 7. It is a program that is co-facilitated by two Year 10 students. The students who deliver the program are selected in Year 9 and participate in a two-day leadership program prior to the conclusion of Year 9. The students selected to deliver the program are finalised following this training by the Year Patron and Director of Pastoral Care T-12.

The groups are roughly eight students in size and are a further way for students to develop relationships with a range of their peers through participation in the various activities and discussion of the content in the program. The Year 10 students selected are highly regarded in terms of future potential leadership roles.



The Buddies Program is a cross-age group program that provides leadership opportunities for older students and support for the younger students in the Buddy Pairs.

The program operates three times per Term on a Friday during Roll Call.

The Buddy Program operates with the following structure:

  • Transition – Year 4
  • Kindergarten – Year 5
  • Year 1 – Year 6
  • Year 2 – Year 7
  • Year 3 – Year 8

The program is structured so that the Transition student is supported by the same student until the end of Year 3 in the role of their buddy.

As a Year 4 student, the role will alter with that student then performing the role of a buddy to a Transition student

Students enjoy the cross-age group collaboration and the relationships that are built during this time.