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Thank you for your interest in Wollondilly Anglican College.

Wollondilly Anglican College welcomes applications for students entering Pre-Kindergarten (Transition) to Year 12.

For all enquiries, please contact the College Enrolments Officer on (02) 4684 2722 or email

Application Reviewed

Upon receipt of the completed documents, the Headmaster will review the application.

If the student is enrolling in Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten they may at the Headmaster’s discretion, be invited to attend a College day. Alternatively, if the student is applying for Years 1 to 12, then the student may be invited to attend an interview with the Headmaster. The Headmaster may also advise that no suitable vacancy exists, at which time the student can elect to be placed on a waiting list. The College may elect to proceed with this enrolment if a suitable place becomes available.

College Day (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten only)

Students entering Transition or Kindergarten may be required to attend the College for half a day and participate in the daily program with Transition. This process allows parents and the prospective students an opportunity for familiarisation. When collecting their child, parents will have the opportunity to discuss the morning events with the Teaching Staff. Following the College Day, an interview with the student and their parents may be arranged at the Headmaster’s discretion.

The Interview

Interviews are generally conducted by the Headmaster or a delegated representative. The interview
incorporates a tour of the College and an opportunity to ask questions.

Letter of Offer

If a suitable vacancy exists, a Letter of Offer will be forwarded to be signed, which will then need to be returned within 14 days. Alternatively, the Headmaster may also advise that no suitable vacancy exists, at which time the student can elect to be placed on a waiting list. The College may elect to proceed with the enrolment if a suitable place becomes available.

Acceptance of Offer and Payment of Bond

When returning the Letter of Offer, the security bond of $500.00 per student is to be paid, up to a limit of $1000.00 per family. This bond is held by the College and will be refunded where one terms notice is given of the withdrawal of the student or the student successfully completes Year 12. A partial refund may apply where money is owed to the College or equipment and books have not been returned.

Orientation Day

For those students commencing at the start of the year, Orientation Day is an informative Saturday morning held in late October of the preceding year. All enrolling students are expected to attend.

Due to the high demand we are experiencing across the College, our strong recommendation is to apply as early as possible.

Important Information

  1. Applications for enrolment may be made at any time by parent/carer(s) of students to commence at Wollondilly Anglican College.
  2. Students need to be 4 years old by 31 March of the year they start Transition (Pre-K). (5 years old by 31 March in the year they would start Kindergarten). Transition should be viewed as the entry point into the Primary Years.
  3. The College will base any decision about offering a place to a student on: 
    • Family Relationship with the College (see additional notes below):
      • Sibling of a current student
      • Children of alumni or staff or Christian clergy
      • The family holds attitudes, values and priorities that are compatible with the College’s ethos 
    • The Student: 
      • The contribution that the student may make to the College, including co-curricular activities
      • The student’s reports from previous schools
    • The College:
      • Ability to meet the special needs or abilities of the student
    • Other Considerations:
      • Date the application to enrol is received by the College

4. All applicants will be interviewed prior to an offer of enrolment being made.

5. All applications for Transition (Pre-K) and Kindergarten involve a College Day and interview process before an offer of enrolment is made. 

Note: not all applicants will be invited to a College Day or interview.

6. Wollondilly Anglican College has absolute discretion in determining the weight of each of the factors it takes into account in determining whether to offer a place for the student.

7. Continued enrolment at the College is dependent upon the student making satisfactory progress, consistent attendance and the student and the parent/carer(s) observing all behavioural codes of conduct and other requirements of the College which are applicable from time to time. 

Additional Notes Regarding Family Relationship:
Siblings, children of Alumni and staff will be placed on a Family Relationship Priority List for enrolment.

For Transition (Pre-K) and Year 7 to be placed on this list, applications need to be received by 30 November of the year, two years prior to the student’s expected start date. For example, a sibling (Alumni or staff child) applying for priority listing for a 2025 start would need to have their application to the College by 30 November 2023. Any sibling, Alumni child or staff child applications that are received after this date will not be prioritised. 

Wollondilly Anglican College has absolute discretion in determining whether to offer a place for the student. Students placed on the Family Relationship Priority List are not automatically guaranteed a place.

New families to the College will be prioritised based on application date and age (Pre-K).

The Purpose of the College Day and Interview:
We endeavour to provide a disciplined, caring, learning community where students and staff pursue excellence and lives are transformed for Christ’s glory. We are thankful for the culture we have developed and the results that we have achieved. We do not seek to be an academically selective College, we are passionate about giving students, with a range of abilities, the best possible education we can. Offers of enrolment are made on the basis of family and student potential to contribute to and benefit from the life and standards of the College.

Some families may find that the standards we set and the educational approach we take, is not suitable for them or their child. We also recognise that we may not be the best fit for every child. The College Day and interview process is designed to help the College and families make an informed decision for enrolment.

What We Are Looking For At The College Day:
Please note that we are aware that children attending College Days are young and for many, it will be their first experience at the College. We take this into account and may suggest a second College Day prior to continuing the application process.

Children who: 

  • are able to separate (some tears are fine) from carers
  • can be in a group of other children without hurting others
  • will be fully toilet trained by the start of Transition
  • follow basic instructions given by an adult (age appropriately – without excessive defiance). 

Please remember, we are willing, in most cases, to consider a second day if the first doesn’t go well. This will occur at the College’s discretion.

Our goal is to get to know your child as well as we can before we make any decisions. We may also contact current childcare providers to gain a greater understanding of your child.

Special Note for Primary Students:
Due to increased demand, we will be filling all available places for Year Groups from Transition (Pre-K). For example, the 2024 Transition will be filled. No further places will become available as that Year Group moves through the Primary Years unless students leave the College. Applications for Kindergarten 2025 and so on will be placed on a wait list.

Some Year Groups may have positions available, please, always contact the Enrolments Team for further information.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything regarding the above, please feel free to contact our Enrolments Team on 02 4684 2722 or