Enrolment Information

Fees and Charges

The Parents/Carers are to pay all Fees and Charges in advance, at the end of the first week of each term, except Fees and Charges on amended accounts and accounts raised for mid-term enrolments, which the Parents/Carers are to pay within seven days from the date of the invoice.

There are several options available for payment of Fees and Charges. These include:

  1. Full payment by cheque at the commencement of each term;
  2. Bpay® (including debit or credit card link to bank account);
  3. Online – Log into the Edumate Parent Portal ( and access Payment options by Direct Debit or Credit Card. (a 0.9% surcharge applies to each transaction). Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  4. The entire year’s School Fees and Service Charges at the commencement of the year. If the Parents/Carers fail to pay an account for Fees and Charges within 21 days of the due date they will be liable to pay an overdue charge which reflects the administrative and financial cost to the Corporation in collecting the outstanding Fees and Charges. The Parents/Carers may enquire as to the current amount of the overdue charge at the Group Office of the Corporation. If an account for Fees and Charges is not paid in full within 60 days from its due date, the Student’s enrolment may be suspended and the Headmaster may without further notice refuse entry to the Student and/or terminate the Student’s enrolment.


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