Transition, Kindergarten, Year 1 & Year 12 Return To Campus

Staged Return to the College
Students will return to face-to-face learning at the College with NSW Health-approved COVID safe settings in place in the following order as announced by the Premier this week:

  • 18 October: Year 12, Transition, Kindergarten and Year 1
  • 25 October: All Other Year Groups Returning

Conditions for a Staged Return to the College
The NSW return to face-to-face learning plan for schools under stay-at-home restrictions has been informed by the Doherty Institute Modelling Report for National Cabinet and ongoing advice from NSW Health.

For a staged return to face-to-face learning (Level 3 plus), the following conditions will need to have been met:

  • Where requirements are reached, students return to school in cohort groups – with students in department Preschools, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 12 prioritised, and other cohorts to follow.
  • If cases in certain LGAs increase significantly, learning from home will resume for that LGA until case numbers drop. This will be advised by NSW Health.
  • Any staff member returning to school sites will be required to present evidence of two doses of vaccine.
  • Eligible high school students will be strongly encouraged to have received two doses of vaccine before their return to face-to-face learning.

Learning delivery
To provide a safe learning environment for students, minimise opportunities for transmission and enable the most effective contact tracing and containment measures in the event of a COVID-19 case, schools will be required to adopt a cohort model.

The principles of student cohorts are to:

  • minimise unnecessary physical interaction between students on school grounds
  • ensure that students learn and play only with those in their cohort, wherever possible
  • minimise opportunities for transmission and enhance contact tracing
  • minimise the potential for widespread infection across the school and wider school community

The College will communicate with parents and students with more specific details of how the return to face-to-face learning will occur under our COVID Safe Plan.