Photo Day

College Photo Day – Thursday, 15 June 2023

The College Photo Day will take place on Thursday, 15 June 2023 for Transition 2-Day through to Year 12. Transition 3-Day students will have their photos taken on Friday, 16 June 2023. Students are to bring their completed photo envelopes with them on the day, to be handed to the photographers. Students will be expected to adhere to the College Uniform Expectations attached. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in your child not having their photo taken on the day. The full College Winter Uniform is to be worn.

If you have a child in a Transition 3-Day class and would like to order a photo with their sibling at the College, this can be organised for Friday, 16 June between 7.50 am and 8.10 am in the College Cafeteria. Please have your children ready in their full College Winter Uniform at the Cafeteria prior to the photo.

Sibling photos for all other students from Transition 2-Day – Year 12 will take place on Thursday, 15 June during Break 1 and Break 2 in the College Cafeteria and Deakin 2 (see below).

Please have your older child collect the younger sibling/s and take them to Deakin 2 & the College Cafeteria for the photo.

Sibling photos on Thursday, 15 June are split into two groups based on the first letter of the oldest sibling’s surname.

Break 1 – Surname A-K
Break 2 – Surname L-Z

Students must bring their completed Sibling Photo Envelopes with them on the day.

Sibling envelopes can now be collected from Student Reception.

The Sibling Photo sessions are strictly for Sibling Photos, not friend groups.

Please read the attached PDF for our College Uniform Expectations for Photo Day.