Learning Philosophy & Programs

Ideology of Learning

Learning at Wollondilly seeks to answer the question of who we are and how we can contribute to society in a meaningful and purposeful way. Students are challenged to pursue knowledge and appreciate the gift of learning in God’s world. We have been created with inquisitive and creative minds, with a desire to be in community. These attributes therefore are developed and fostered as part of the learning environment, giving students a sense of purpose in the world.

Academic excellence is a distinctive feature of the College and students are encouraged to pursue their personal best through an engaging curriculum. Our aim is to inspire motivated learners. Self-regulation is highly valued and students are encouraged to work alongside staff and peers to develop responsibility for their own learning. There is a strong culture in which students celebrate their own and other people’s success.

A Wollondilly education seeks to give young people purpose in this world, equipping them with the capacity to think critically and problem solve within a spirit of empathy and care for their fellow citizens. Skills necessary to thrive in society.

Whilst there is an academic focus at the College, it is our philosophy that quality learning is supported by our Pastoral Care program and by encouraging a balanced education to develop the ‘whole person’.