Learning Philosophy & Programs

MyTech Program

Technology has revolutionised almost every part of our lives. It is used in most workplaces to increase efficiencies and enable people to perform their jobs better. In order to prepare students for this kind of workplace it is our endeavour to have them engage in a wide variety of technologies and to provide them with the skills to be able to adapt to the rapid pace of technological change. This includes teaching them digital citizenship values to match their skills. MyTech is a program that involves every secondary student bringing their own device to the College.

MyTech allows us to help our students become 21st century learners who are creative and critical thinkers and can work collaboratively with others. Each student having access to their own device allows teachers much greater flexibility to work at developing these skills. To facilitate this, the College is implementing a new cloud based Learning Management System called Canvas. Canvas allows students to access classwork and move through activities at their own pace.

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