Learning Philosophy & Programs

Year 12 Study Camp

The College holds a 3-day Study Camp each year in the July  holidays. It provides our Year 12 students with the opportunity to have sustained, structured and focused study time prior to their HSC Trial Examinations. The camp is run and supported by staff volunteers from the College.

From a Pastoral Care perspective, we hope to support those students who may feel anxious about the upcoming Trial Examinations. We also hope to assist students who have difficulty organising their own time and disciplining themselves to focus.

Academically, staff volunteers are able to provide valuable advice and guidance on past examination questions and answers. Support is given on a one-to-one basis where needed and time is also provided for students to work on their Major Works. An examination centre is also set up to provide students with the opportunity to complete practice papers, under exam conditions. This is a particularly helpful strategy to assist in the development of managing time in test situations.