Secondary Teaching & Learning

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts faculty are right to be proud of the students’ achievements and the outstanding quality of their works presented, both in public presentations and classroom activities. In the areas of Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts, students are challenged academically and encouraged to think and explore their individual creativity in all facets of the respective disciplines. The programs for Creative Arts provide intellectually stimulating challenges for staff and students alike. Whether it be unique skills, concepts or elements, each art form enriches students’ lives.


At Wollondilly, Music is studied in Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) and can be further explored in both Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) and Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12). All three courses, Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension are offered. Students are presented with compositional challenges that have them working both with traditional pen and paper and composing using music sequencing software Musescore and Sibelius, where students are able to translate their musical thoughts into actual sounds and edit them to help enhance them further. Performance capabilities are refined in a variety of classroom activities, where students prepare appropriate topic and course related repertoire. Similarly, a wide assortment of music is studied in class including listening and focusing on the six concepts of music which enables students to examine the ways in which sound is used to create music.


In Dance, students are challenged to find new levels of performance, composition and appreciation by studying modern contemporary dance movements and expressions. A range of opportunities including performances at assemblies and presentation nights have truly cemented Dance into the life of the College. The state-of-the-art Dance/Drama studio has allowed the students to explore new avenues of performance technique and improvisation with their own choreographic style. Here the students are provided with guidance and constructive feedback from staff to enhance their development in Dance as an art form.



At Wollondilly, Drama is offered as an elective subject from Year 9. Whilst students discover the elements of Drama to produce belief and clarity in character, role, situation and action, they develop skills and explore a range of ways to arrange dramatic work using scripted and unscripted material. Students enjoy many opportunities to excel and indulge their passion in drama, including workshops, excursions to dramatic performances and the use of our state of the art Dance/Drama studio. These experiences enhance student learning and provide opportunities that educationally challenge and stimulate the students, presenting their own work at College events, as well as in the wider community.



The Visual Arts programs allow students to express their artistic abilities through a variety of mediums, through the use of the College’s excellent artmaking facilities. Students develop technical skills in many different forms, including ceramics, photography, drawing, painting and printmaking. Students critique artworks with reference to the scope of the art history timeline and learn how artworks communicate meaning. Students have the opportunity to engage in real world artmaking experiences, displaying their artworks in public settings through workshops run by guest artists and external competitions.