Secondary Teaching & Learning


The Humanities are an interesting and exciting group of subjects which help connect students with the physical and human world around them. When making these connections, staff seek to incorporate a Biblical perspective in an authentic manner.

In Years 7 to 10 the suite of subjects includes mandatory History and Geography, as well as Commerce (9-10 elective). In Years 11 and 12 they broaden out to include the Histories (Ancient, Modern, Extension), Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies and Society & Culture.

The Humanities Staff bring a wealth of educational expertise and real world experience to their teaching which helps create a rich and relevant learning environment. This, combined with their genuine passion, effectively ignites the desire within students to learn and prepare themselves well for life after their College education.

Emphasis is placed on creating a variety of learning contexts. These include excursions to places such as Cabramatta, various law courts and the NSW South Coast, as well as incursions involving history performers and lectures by textbook authors. We have recently been successful in initiating our inaugural Senior Humanities European Tour visiting Italy, France, Belgium and Germany.