Secondary Teaching & Learning


Our desire at Wollondilly Anglican College is for students to critically think about this world and to have a richer understanding of reality. Mathematics can help develop student’s deductive reasoning ability. We hope that the study of Mathematics deepens a student’s natural curiosity and draws them towards understanding Jesus’ nature and creation more fully. As Euclid said, “The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.”

Our God is powerful, loving and holy. This was shown perfectly in Jesus’ death and resurrection. He is also a creative genius as evidenced by this beautiful world that he has made. Designed! His creative design is filled with mathematical precision and beauty. This is further demonstrated in the mathematical study required by a diversity of creative professions: architects, scientists, divers and engineers included.

One aspect of studying Mathematics is that through this pursuit we can understand our creator and friend better. We can become more like Him. By studying Mathematics at Wollondilly Anglican College we hope to help students develop their understanding of God and His world.

Therefore we want our students to be creative and critical learners. We want deep thinking to be at the core of both teaching and learning in the classroom.

Our program focuses on developing Mathematical understanding over and above remembering Mathematical processes. Nonetheless we believe that through deeper understanding and explicit teaching a student’s retention of core skills and processes will be developed.