The MyTech Program

MyTech is a part of the College's ongoing technology development. Under MyTech every secondary student will bring their own device to The College. In many schools it is called a BYOD (bring your own device) program. This means teachers will no longer have to wait until they are able to book a computer room and then move their class out of their often specialised classrooms to access computers for a lesson. It will allow teachers and students to access a wide variety of online learning activities and tools at any time, in any lesson, while they are still in their normal classrooms. The rollout of MyTech will begin in Term 3, 2017 when students in Years 8 and 9 will bring their own device to The College. In 2018 Years 7 and 8 will bring their own device. This will then flow into senior years as students move up. By the beginning of 2020 every student in Years 7-12 will be bringing their own device to The College.

Please visit for further information regarding the MyTech program.