Teaching and Learning

Ms Jacqui Huxtable, Director of T & L T-6Ms Jacqui Huxtable, Director of T & L T-6Mr Paul Burns, Director of T & L 7-12Mr Paul Burns, Director of T & L 7-12

The College is registered and accredited with the New South Wales Board of Studies and offers subjects that meet their curriculum requirements.

Whilst there is an academic focus at the College, it is our philosophy that quality learning is supported by a balanced education including physical activity and the Creative and Performing Arts. It is also our philosophy that modern learning be underpinned by access to contemporary digital technology as a learning support. It stands to reason that in a College promoting access to education for families that different members of the same family may have different interests and abilities – some academic, some sporting, some creative, some technological. Therefore it is our endeavour to provide a quality learning environment to cater for a variety of different interests – strongly academic, but not academic only. 

The College encourages all staff to plan for a differentiated curriculum; a core of essential learning augmented by extension opportunities and curriculum choices for students. This learning paradigm is supported by a dispersement of library and information technology resources so that students are never too far from the resources that they need. Books and computers are very much a part of learning rather than an added extra. The differentiated curriculum also provides for the extension of able students and the remediation of those who require extra assistance in a normal classroom setting. It is our practise to have students learn alongside peers rather than to be isolated in special classes, at the same time recognising those with a hunger and a capacity for extra learning by the provision of opportunities such as Tournament of the Minds, tutoring in every instrument, debating and public speaking. A number of our students have achieved Distinctions and High Distinctions in external tests such as the Science, Computing, Chemistry, German and Mathematics Competitions.