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WAC 2020 HSC Results

WAC 2020 HSC Results

16 Students on the “Distinguished Achievers List

29 Band 6 Results and 104 Band 5 Results from 57 students eligible for an ATAR


Congratulations to the Year 12 class of 2020 for their commitment and perseverance in the achievement of outstanding HSC results, particularly given the challenges of this year. Our College community was immensely proud to receive the news that 16 students were placed in the highest result band for at least one subject. All received honourable mention on the prestigious list of distinguished HSC achievers for 2020. We congratulate April Ainsworth for her recognition as an ‘HSC All Rounder’ in achieving a Band 6 in five of her courses.


Distinguished Achievers Merit list for NSW – extract –

Ainsworth, April:          Ancient History, Drama, English Advanced, Legal Studies, Modern History

Alcorn, Danielle:            Hospitality (Kitchen Operations and Cookery)

Apps, Harrison:              Industrial Technology

Archer, Brooke:              Visual Arts

Crinis, La-Mia:                Community and Family Studies

Kellert, Amy:                 Business Studies, Earth and Environmental Science, Legal Studies, PDHPE

Kelly, Jasmine:               Design and Technology

King, Kyran:                   Mathematics Advanced

Madgwick, Bradley:      Industrial Technology

Meischke, Gideon:        Engineering Studies

Ng, Iulitta:                      Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Visual Arts

Ray, Holly:                       Legal Studies

Ross, Callum:                  Mathematics Standard 2, Music 1

Tapp, Georgia:               PDHPE

Willebrand, Ashleigh:   Business Studies, Earth and Environmental Science, PDHPE

Youman, Mitchell:        Engineering Studies, Mathematics Advanced


In addition, Harrison Apps and Mekdes Geist both had projects or performances that earned a nomination by the examiners for exhibition as benchmark works for excellence for the HSC – Harrison (Industrial Technology ‘InTech Exhibition) and Mekdes (Drama – ‘OnSTAGE Performances’)


Three of our students were placed in the Top 100 in one of their courses.


Congratulations – Students with ATAR 90+ (based on information to hand)

April Ainsworth (Equal DUX)   96.10      University: Secondary Teaching Scholarship

Iulitta Ng (Equal DUX)             96.10     University: Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Ashleigh Willebrand                93.90     University: Bachelor of Health Science

Amy Kellert                             93.75     University: Bachelor of Nursing



Exceptionally High performing subjects this year included Industrial Technology (+15 variation), Earth and Environmental Science (+10), Geography, and PDHPE (+9) College vs NSW.
High performing subjects this year (minimum +4 above) included Ancient History; Business Studies; Community and Family Studies; Engineering Studies; English Standard; Legal Studies; Mathematics Standard; Modern History; Visual Arts and Hospitality.


“We are very proud of our class of 2020 who earned 29 Band 6 results and 104 Band 5 results as a product of their dedication and we are particularly proud of the virtues and character of these upstanding ladies and gentlemen. Results such as these are also a testament to the professionalism and dedication of our staff who were able to maintain a continuity of learning for our students during the challenges throughout the year.

At Wollondilly Anglican College, we celebrate excellence against externally measured benchmarks. Of equal importance to us is the measure of personal best and the extraordinary tales of our externally measured “value added” benchmarked results between Year 10 and Year 12 which attest to the hard work of staff and a positive learning tone for students who will now, as a result, enjoy expanded career and course options. There is both an academic and enduring character return on such a wise investment”. – Mr Ian Croger, Interim Headmaster.

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