Teaching & Learning

Primary Years

The Primary program is designed to develop the skills and attitudes students need for a lifetime of learning, incorporating an explicit approach and a focus on thinking skills.

The program includes structured literacy and synthetic phonics programs; Spelling Mastery Years 1 to 6, PreLit in Pre-Kindergarten and a focus on the direct teaching of comprehension strategies across all learning areas. Numeracy lessons include number talks and a structured explicit approach to developing fundamental skills and building problem solving capabilities.

Staff in the primary years use formative assessment strategies including self and peer assessment. Students learn to reflect on their own learning from Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 6. Students learn that mistakes help us grow, that we all make mistakes, that our effort is what is most important and that honest reflection is required.

We have a well designed program for all learning areas. Students are given the opportunity to participate in engaging Science, History and Geography units rotated on a two year basis through stages.

From Years 1 to 6 students participate in stage groups for Creative Arts and PDHPE. The groups enable relationships to be built across stages and programs to be more specifically designed for greatest participation from all students.

Our aim is to see every child love learning and grow as an independent learner understanding their own part in the process.