Care & Culture

Care & Culture

Care & Culture at the College has a focus on the holistic development of young people. At the College we believe if students feel safe, cared for, valued and known, students will be able to learn more effectively. A focus on connection with peers and staff is central to the aims the College has in the area of Care. High expectations of our students drive the Culture of the College. An environment that is disciplined and orderly to support student learning and wellbeing is the outcome of these expectations

Student Care Structures

Wollondilly Anglican College offers a comprehensive student-care network. Care and Culture Group teachers meet with students daily with a focus on building relationships and maintaining high expectations. These teachers deliver a program that supports student wellbeing, faith development and connection with others. Year Patrons support Care and Culture Group teachers and have oversight of their respective Year Groups. Year Patrons liaise with staff and parents to ensure the needs of their Year Group are understood and promoted through the Secondary Years. A further level of support and expertise is provided by Leaders of Learning, Care and Culture in Primary and Leaders of Care and Culture Secondary. As Leaders of the varying stages, they provide support to students, staff and parents in more significant matters or matters that are referred through Care and Culture teachers or the Year Patron.

Where necessary additional expertise to support Care and Culture can be accessed through:

  • Director of Care and Culture T-12

  • College Chaplain T-12

  • Educational Psychologist T-12

  • Careers Advisor Secondary

Care & Culture Team

The Care & Culture team supports students and parents as they navigate through the T-12 journey. In the Primary, Team Leaders are responsible for Learning as well as Care & Culture. In Secondary, the Leaders of Care & Culture work closely with the Leaders of Learning in each of the subject areas. The College lines of communication flow chart will assist you to access support through the appropriate team member.

Director of Care & Culture T-12
Mr Liam Toland

Stage 6 Leader of Care & Culture
Mr Tim van Netten

Stage 5 Leader of Care & Culture
Mrs Christine Mozejko

Stage 4 Leader of Care & Culture
Mr Stuart Houweling

Stage 3 Leader of Learning, Care & Culture
Mrs Lisa Maher

Stage 2 Leader of Learning, Care & Culture
Mrs Melanie Grant

Stage 1 Leader of Learning, Care & Culture
Mrs Kim Reid

Early Stage 1 Leader of Learning, Care & Culture
Mrs Tracy Turner

Year 7 Patron
Mr Daniel Aquilina

Year 8 Patron
Mr Chris Law

Year 9 Patron
Mr Joshua Stewart

Year 10 Patron
Mr Timothy Clarke

Year 11 Patron
Mrs Erica Bawden

Year 12 Patron
Mr Craig Lobb

College Chaplain
Mr Matthew Roberts

Educational Psychologist
Mr Mitchell Barnes


Students at Wollondilly are taught about the Bible and the life-changing message of the gospel in Stage Groups as part of our fortnightly Chapel programs



Students from Pre-K to Year 4 are able to enjoy the Buddies Program which sees students from Years 5-8 partnered up with the younger students three times a term to assist in building the wonderful culture at the College.

Camp Programs

The College camping program supports Learning, Care and Culture. It provides a sequential approach to engaging in outdoor experiences that complement learning at school. The camps have a clear purpose related to the development of faith, skills and character.

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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Wollondilly Anglican College is focused on a servant leadership model. Students nominate for leadership roles, a voting process is undertaken and students are involved in an interview process.

The Secondary Student Leadership Team consists of:

  • Year 12 – College Captains and Prefects

  • Year 11 – SRC Representatives

  • Year 10 – Stage 5 Captains

  • Year 9 – SRC Representatives

  • Year 8 – Stage 4 Captains

  • Year 7 – SRC Representatives

The Primary Leadership Team consists of:

  • Year 6 – Primary Captains and Prefects

  • Year 5 – SRC Representatives

  • Year 4 – SRC Representatives

  • Year 3 – SRC Representatives

Specific areas of focus are designated with the Secondary and Primary Captain/Prefect structure. Students serve in this portfolio area to develop initiatives that support the continued development of these areas of College life.

Captain/Prefect Portfolios:

  • Christian Leadership

  • Academic

  • Community Service

  • Student Wellbeing

  • Co-curricular