Headmaster's Blog

World Teachers’ Day

Today (Friday, 27 October), we celebrated World Teachers’ Day, a perfect occasion to express our gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional teachers at Wollondilly Anglican College. It’s astonishing to see how the role of a teacher has evolved over the past decade and beyond.

The rise of technology has transformed the educational landscape, with online learning platforms becoming increasingly vital. The curriculum continues to evolve, and the COVID-19 pandemic compelled schools across Australia to master the art of online learning. Our teachers have risen to this challenge with grace and expertise.

Beyond their roles as classroom instructors, our teachers have a range of additional skills. They provide vital support for the well-being of our students, offering guidance and counsel when needed. They actively participate in character development, playing a key role in shaping our young men and women into responsible and mature adults. When we talk about Learning, Care, and Culture, it’s clear that our teachers are deeply committed to each of these aspects.

Our teachers provide exceptional learning opportunities through their dedication to Explicit Instruction and differentiation skills to cater to all learners’ needs. Their care for every student is not only intentional but genuinely heartfelt. They consistently uphold our expectations for our students, fostering growth in character and maturity.

I am profoundly grateful for our remarkable teachers and the extraordinary work they perform each day.


Mr Trevor Norman
College Headmaster