Secondary Teaching & Learning


The College has a comprehensive careers program that empowers students to make informed decisions about their future. It assists students to make quality subject selections from a diverse range of subjects offered and directly relate them to future career choices and further education and employment.

Students have a career space in the Flynn building where they can browse through brochures, course booklets, career related and institutional information. Students can also self register for the Job Jump web based career portal.

All Year 10 students undertake a profile survey before Preliminary/HSC subject selection and are individually interviewed in Year 11 to assist with their future pathways.

Students in Year 12 have three mornings a week with the Careers Advisor to receive important notifications, job vacancies and current course and application processes news and are introduced to many imperative life skills necessary for successful career pathways and lifelong learning.

Mr Bearlin our Careers Advisor is passionate about helping students to find their pathway and is available to help parents and students navigate Post College options.

Visit the Wollondilly Careers website at: