Welcome to Wollondilly Anglican College

Welcome to Wollondilly

Orientation Information

Thank you for enrolling at Wollondilly Anglican College.

We would still like to welcome you and provide an insight into your child’s journey at the College and have put together the following information to assist with your child’s start at the College.

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Mrs Madilyn Shelley
Enrolments Officer


Sport provides all students with opportunities to enjoy and develop teamwork, fair play and a sense of belonging. Wollondilly Anglican College strongly supports these ideals in helping our students grow and participate in a wide choice of sporting endeavours. Students in Transition to Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in many different sporting events.

T-6 Weekly Sports

Students from Transition to Year 2 have the opportunity to take part in coaching clinics and programs run by teachers that develop fundamental movement skills. They also take part in house-based activities, including Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals.

IPSSO is our weekly team sport competition for students in Years 3-6. These games, against local Schools and Colleges, take place on Wednesdays during College Sports time. Students selected in these teams have the opportunity to develop skills and compete in different sports. These sports include mixed Oz Tag, Basketball, Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Newcomb Ball and Volleyball.

Students in Years 3-6, who are not selected in IPSSO teams, take part in an array of fun and challenging activities. This may include professional coaching in Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Rugby League, AFL, Swimming and Gymnastics. Programs that develop teamwork, fundamental movement skills and the application of strategies are also run by teachers.

Throughout the year, Year 6 House Sport Leaders run weekly lunchtime activities for their peers in Kindergarten to Year 6. This includes opportunities for teams to participate in mixed Netball, Oz Tag and Soccer Round Robin Competitions.

Representative Pathways

The College is part of the NASSA Sports Association. This allows students to participate in Cricket, Soccer, Oz Tag, Netball and AFL Gala Days. This association is also a pathway to further representative opportunities, including NSWCIS, NSWPSSA and National Championship events.

After competing in our College Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals, students are able to progress to NASSA, NSWCIS, NSWPSSA and National Championships. Students can also move through to sport specific State and National competitions by being selected to represent NASSA at NSWCIS gala days and individual trials in a range of sports.

After College Sports Programs

Students also have the opportunity to take part in sport-specific training after College. These training sessions are run by coaches and staff in preparation for the variety of activities that take place throughout the year.

Mr James Gooden
Primary Sports Coordinator

Sports and physical fitness are regarded as key areas for student participation and personal growth at Wollondilly. It is our contention that healthy bodies support healthy minds and that sport can contribute a great deal to the Academic Program. Students at Wollondilly have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sport and leisure activities to improve both health and skill-related components of fitness.

Secondary students have an opportunity to be involved in weekly competitive sport against other Independent Schools to enhance team building, fitness and to promote friendships across the area. Students compete in the MISA (Macarthur Independent Schools Association) competition each Tuesday across an array of sports. These sports include Cricket, Oz Tag, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Netball, Rugby League and AFL. Our teams have enjoyed outstanding success within this competition and the opportunity has paved the way for ongoing champions to represent at higher levels and to be recognised for their talents and hard work.

Pathways also exist for students in a variety of sports through to National level. Students compete in College Carnivals for Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics. Students who perform well may qualify to represent the College at NASSA (New Anglican Schools Sports Association). Successful students will then progress through to AICES (Association of Independent Co-educational Schools). In turn, talented athletes represent AICES at NSWCIS (New South Wales Combined Independent Schools), at NSW All-Schools and finally National levels.

Team sport pathways also exist through to National level for most sports in secondary. As part of the NASSA sporting organisation, students have the opportunity to compete in Gala Days for sports such as Touch Football, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, AFL, Cricket and Volleyball. Students can also trial for NASSA representative teams in the above sports as well as non-Gala Day sports such as Softball, Tennis, Water Polo, Rugby Union and Hockey.

With sport being such a focus at the College, it is not surprising that we have celebrated with State and National champions. To date we have had multiple National Representatives in sports such as Rugby League and Cycling to name a few. In addition, students are offered a wide range of recreational pursuits on a weekly basis depending on the season and availability. These include Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Kickboxing, Weights, AFL, Personal Fitness, Bush Walking and many other non-competitive team sports.

Mr Mark Goldsbrough
Secondary Sports Coordinator

Wollondilly Anglican College recognises that all people are made in God’s image and have the capacity for curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.

As image bearers, all students have been blessed with gifts and talents and the College is committed to the provision of strong academic and pastoral care foundations necessary to encourage students with academic and creative gifts to excel.

The College Headmaster may award a number of scholarships offering partial fee remission for each year in the areas of Academia, Music and Dance.

Most scholarships will be awarded for two years and are conditional on the continuation of the relevant criteria being met. They will be available to students currently enrolled at the College or from other schools.

For further information and application forms click here or contact the College Office at (02) 4684 2722.