Learning Philosophy & Programs

Professional Learning

Staff at Wollondilly recognise the importance of Professional Learning as they continue to develop and refine their teaching and leading capacity. Many staff have completed post graduate degrees with more undertaking such qualifications. The College is a NESA Accredited provider of professional learning, allowing us to shape our practice to the needs of the Wollondilly community.  We are collaborative and are committed to the development of a professional learning community. Staff professional development at the College is shaped around our Educational Framework.

Purpose Driven – Knowing Christ and making Him known. Embedding a Christian worldview into our practice.

Motivated Learning – Through a challenging and dynamic curriculum using evidence based teaching pedagogies to promote engagement, motivation and learning.

A caring community – An understanding that we have been created to be in community, to collaborate, empathise and care for one another.

Self-Regulatory – Striving for self-aware, conscious decision makers who are able to reflect on the past, plan for the future, self-monitor and self-correct.

Future Focused –  Developing a range of soft and hard skills for the dynamic world in which students will enter when they leave Wollondilly.